Brandon Beal tager hul på et nyt kapitel: "I've ended the party"

Beal skyder gang i ny retning med singlen Highs and Lows

Der er sket en del siden han sammen med Christopher hittede med Twerk It Like Miley. For Brandon Beal. Men også for hele verden omkring ham. 

Den amerikanske musiker er solidt plantet i Danmark, takket være en klassisk kærlighedshistorie, og Brandon har skabt et navn herhjemme der også går et godt stykke ud over grænserne. 

Beal har for nyligt udgivet første single, i en kaskade der formentlig kommer til at fylde både sommer og efterår med nye udspil, en smule mere modne, end vi tidligere har hørt. En tydelig forskel, fra da vi sidst havde en sit-down med ham, tilbage i 2015.

Brandon Beal tager hul på et nyt kapitel: "I've ended the party"

“Highs and Lows represents a new chapter for me, in life and in music. It explains how life tends to hand you the highs with the lows. I’ve recently come back from a big break from my artist career where a lot has happened, but most importantly, I became a father. If you know my music, you probably know me for my club bangers and ass shakers, and when I was making that music, it was coming from a genuine place of me partying all the time and living out the true rockstar life. Then my son was born and I got hit with the ultimate epiphany. 

I couldn’t live this lifestyle and be a great father at the same time, something had to give. So I packed up my inner CPH apartment, took my family, and bought a house out in the country. 

I just pulled a cold turkey and cut off the only life I knew, my way of living, creating, my song concepts, my way of networking, had all changed and I didn’t know how to balance it." fortæller Brandon Beal i forlængelse af udgivelsen af sin nye single. 

Highs and Lows hedder den. 

Brandon Beal - Highs and Lows

"It eventually led to a stand still, I wasn’t writing any music and I wasn’t leaving the house. I went into a depression. The highs of my son smiling up at me, my family being settled in a beautiful home and the lows of me not having any idea of what’s next, no direction, or not knowing if it's all over. 
Now I am ready for a new chapter starting with the song ‘Highs And Lows’. 

I’ve ended the party and rediscovered my purpose. With that said, I feel ‘Highs and Lows’ represents something that we all go through. It’s a part of life. The most important thing is that we identify our highs and lows, appreciate them, reflect on them, and keep moving forward. We choose to let the highs outshine the lows."


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