Gary Vaynerchucks bedste råd til unge mellem 20 og 30.

Gary V er en fontæne af forretningsvisdom

Gary Vaynerchuck er sådan en af de der lige-ud-af-posen iværksættertyper, der ikke lægger fingre imellem, når han taler. 

Hvis ikke du er bekendt med ham, kan jeg lynhurtigt opsummere det: Gary Vaynerchuck er serieiværksætter og CEO ve VaynerMedia, et full-service digitalt bureau. Gary er taler, foredragsholder, investor, 4 x New Your Times Bestseller og er blevet optaget på Fortunes 40 under 40 liste. 

Anyways. I sidste uge var han endnu en gang ude og give råd, til en af hans mange iværksætterlystne social-medie fans - denne gang en 22-årig pige med en drøm.. Som hun i den grad bliver udfordret på! 

The Ultimate Advice For Every 20 Year Old

Gary: Okay, what milestone, please give me a Millennial and the milestone they achieved that makes you feel like you’re just sitting in fucking Buffalo?

Taylor: Well, I’m sitting in Buffalo, which is one thing I’m not happy about. But..

Gary: That’s right ’cause it’s home of the Buffalo Bills, piece of shit team.

Taylor: Yeah. (laughs)

Gary: But before you go there, forget about sitting in Buffalo, who’s the Millennial and what’s the milestone that’s making you feel like you’re sitting there?

Go. The truth, go.

Taylor: Well honestly there’s people on social media which definitely is not always true.

Gary: Who?

Taylor: But I watch, oh god, the only thing on the spot I can think of is a Kardashian or a Jenner which is lame, but. (laughing)

Gary: Can we talk about this please?

Taylor: Yeah, I feel like, sure.

Gary: Like you’re telling me that Kylie Jenner’s fucking trillion followers on Instagram makes you feel like you’re just sitting there?

Taylor: No, I feel like the fact that she’s already got a business started that’s super successful, obviously that comes with her fame.

Gary: Did you factor in the fact that her sisters and mom architected something for years while she was a teenager that she was able to walk directly into,that gave her a springboard? That she had the financial capabilities of deploying ungodly amounts of plastic surgery, and all the other variable things that she’s been able to do to create that culture,and that financial benefit?

Taylor: Yeah.

Gary: Did you factor in that her mom is a ninja architect of business and created that framework?

Taylor: Yeah and I feel like not many people give them the credit for that.

Gary: I agree.

Taylor: I totally think that they built this empire.

Gary: I agree. But what the fuck does that have to do with you?

Trying to figure me out ... ever consider this? - a real #gameplan

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Gary: I know. Like for all my bravado now, I was real quiet in my 20s. People made fun of me, like, “You work “in your dad’s liquor store? “I’m on Wall Street making a $100,000 , I got a BMW.” I’m like, “That’s nice, Pat.”

Taylor: Yeah.

Gary: Do you understand the level of disrespect I have for Pat? Do you understand the level of disrespect I have for all those -year-olds flashing shit on fuckin’ Instagram with short term moves? I can’t wait for the fucking world to melt. I can’t wait for all these bullshit people to get fuckin’ hosed out when the economy gets shit.

Taylor: Yeah it’s ’cause they’re short term affording these things that are flashy, but in the long term, it’s not sustainable for what they’re doing right now.

Gary: Yeah but meanwhile, you’re admiring the fuck out of them.

Taylor: I know, it’s a problem.

Gary: No shit, Taylor.

Taylor: It’s really bad.

Gary: Taylor, you need to start lovin’ the process, and the work, and the grind. You need to start respecting people that are like sleeping with like four roommates and buying their t-shirts at Walmart.